next-generation 7nm ASIC technology

Papa Carlo

is a most advanced multi miner with water cooling system. It was manufactured based on a high-performance and energy-efficient chip with 7 nm technology process. This scheme allows to raise any crypto-currencies on the algorithms such as SHA-256 and SCRYPT, among which Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and many others.

The device was developed by highly qualified specialists of Buratino Blockchain Solutions company, who have many years of experience in the production of complex radio electronic equipment.

  • Hash rate
  • Multicurrency mining
  • Liquid cooling system
  • silent device


of Buratino Blockchain Solutions

The key problem of mining today is that it is performed on different types of equipment that do not have common standards. Devices become out of date earlier than they fail to function. People who involve in mining have to change them to new ones which entails great expenses. This caused the creation of the all-in-one multi-miner with the possibility of upgrading certain morally obsolete systems by Buratino team. Developers have made decision to leave at high level its power supply, cooling, sensor panel, tuning and constructive assembly.

The prototype of the miner was the military’s development due to the fact that Buratino Blockchain Solutions presented itself on LLC "SRI Special Algorithms". This organization is a part of military industry.


of existing miners

  • Impossibility of partial modification
    If one of the components becomes obsolete, a miner has to be changed.
  • Produced noise
    The noise from the device exceeds all permissible values.
  • Dissipation of thermal energy
    The heat generated from operation of the miner is not used.
  • Low maintainability
    Miner’s repair requires a lot of investment and time.
  • Work with only one type of crypto-currency
    Current miners mostly have only one algorithm.
  • Impossibility to increase productivity
    The performance of existing miners is limited due to the fact that they can not accelerate.


  • 1
    Hybrid cooling system
    Double cooling system uses ordinary water as a coolant. It cause reduction of the electricity cost and increasing computing performance.
  • 2
    Power supply system with efficiency of 98-99%
    As soon as we increase efficiency, the consumed electric power and the level of heat generation are reduced. There is a possibility of airless cooling of the power unit.
  • 3
    Scalable hashing algorithms
    The microprocessor is designed using a multithreaded scheme of the complete pipeline for independent calculation of individual values of the hash.
  • 4
    Microchips on self-timed circuitry
    Self-timed circuitry improves fault-tolerance in the operation of the miner and extends service life of electronic components.

ready-made device

Papa Carlo

  • Hash rate
  • Multicurrency mining
  • Liquid cooling system
  • silent device

Mining hardware comparison

why Papa Carlo?

Papa Carlo

  • Mining algorithmSHA-256, SCRYPT
  • Hashrate26 TH/s
  • Chip amount210
  • Boards3
  • Process node7 nm
  • Energy efficiency0,065 J/Gh
  • Voltage24 V
  • Power1,7 – 1,8 kWt
  • Temperature24 — 38
  • Noise35 — 45 dB
  • UpgradeYES
  • Cooling systemLiquid

Guarantee18 months

Antminer S9

  • Mining algorithm
  • Voltage
    12 V
  • Hashrate
    13,5 TH/s
  • Power
    1,45 kWt
  • Chip amount
  • Temperature
    25 — 40
  • Boards
  • Noise
    75 – 80 dB
  • Process node
    16 nm
  • Upgrade
  • Energy efficiency
    0,1 J/Gh
  • Cooling system
  • Guarantee
    6 months




  • 2017Prototype design and testing in PLD
  • Q1, Q2 2018Token Sale Preparation
  • Q3, Q4 2018Pre-sale and Public Sale. BUR Token distribution. Chip design, mask development.
  • Till 28.02.2019First batch of chip growth
  • Till 30.04.2019First 5000 batch assembly
  • Q2 2019Start of mass ASIC production and delivery


Buratino Blockchain team was established based on “Specalgorithmy” research institute that has several years of experience in design and production of complex radio electronic equipment. First company product was Trezor Mini hardware wallet. It is based on an open license Creative Commons 4.0. A wallet of Trezor, world crypto-currency storage leader, was updated and reduced in size.

The second product is cargo-tracker Pierrot – that can track the location of container or any other object online and check the condition of shipment inside the container. System is working on blockchain and allow its participants to conduct smart-contracts due to their unique demand and to buy and sell containers online.

  • Alexey
    15 years in radio-electronic production management, development experience, design and implementation.
  • Alexander
    Sales guru with 10 years of experience in marketing for tech businesses across sectors including Internet, Mobile and B2B IT.
  • Zoia
    Product Manager
    5 years in marketing, researches, analytics. Experience in launching complex IT products.
  • Andrey
    Chief Security Officer
    PhD in technics, 16 years in information security.
  • Anton
    Programming engineer
    8 years development on C++. Processor and controllers programming, wireless technologies.
  • Еvgenyi
    Programming engineer
    9 years in developing micro-controlling systems, automatization systems, measuring and radiocommunication.
  • Sergey
    11 years in the development of circuitry and wiring printed circuit boards. Design and development drivers, libraries and service programs low level.
  • Ivan
    12 years in the development of automated control systems.
  • Mikhail
    Software Engineer
    9 years of development in C / C ++. Development experience bare metal and programming for processors. Reverse-engineering.
All Team


  • Glyn
    Leading Blockchain expert. CEO of Red Circle, founder of Blockchain Downunder, Glyn MacLean Consuling.
  • Simon
    China Influencer Creative Director and co-owner, co-founder of Red Circle Network.
    Ideologist, analyst, anarchist. He specializes in Blockchain consulting. Cryptoguru and founder of the law firm Synergis.
  • Anton
    CEO of LeadRex project, 12 years of experience in the commercial development, blockchain and machine learning specialist.
  • Roman
    Tech entrepreneur, strategist, advisor for blockchain projects and startups. Member of the Bitcoin Foundation, IMMO High 1000 and IDACB.
  • Lalit
    Entrepreneur by heart and as a business master he has broad information of ICO advertising, PR, and topic learning of blockchain and ICO.
  • Raghav
    CMO at Bient Technologies and have worked with over 75 ICO's, holds the position of Marketing Advisor in several of these projects.
  • Savio
    Entrepreneur and an independent active Advisor to organisations, crypto-exchanges, an incubator / accelerator, startups and more.
  • Carlo
    Blockchain consultant, digital evangelist, crypto investor.
All advisers


  • Crypstore
  • SPB
  • The Red Circle Network
  • Glynverse




frequently asked questions

  • Why our team believes in the project success?

    We have developed the world's first 3-in-1 miner, which host 3 types of logical cores. This design allows you to mine more than 14 crypto-currencies and create different types of devices. ASIC for mining crypto-currency employing both SHA-256 and SCRYPT algorithms, and the potential use in devices that need mathematical calculations.

    Therefore, the Papa Carlo miner will be developed on the basis of a high-performance chip with a 7 nm process node. Chips manufacture will be located at Samsung capacities in South Korea. Only these chips will be delivered to Russia, but not end-user miners, which will significantly reduce the overhead customs costs and bring to Russian market a competitively cheap product. Soldering of printed circuit boards, testing, assembly of finished products and packaging will be made in Russia.

  • How can I learn more about the project?
    You can get more information by downloading the White Paper - our project presentation. If this information is not enough for you, you can ask your questions through the email [email protected], or call the specified phone number.
  • What are the parameters of BUR Coin?
    Buratino Coin (BUR) is an ERC20 compatible utility token that gives its owner the right to buy Papa Carlo's manner and Buratino hardware wallet at a fixed cost, below retail price. The starting price of the token is $ 0.1 per 1 BUR. The total number of issued tokens will not exceed 250 000 000 000. All unsold tokens will be burnt.
  • Is BUR Coin compatible with the ERC-20 standard?
  • What is the final amount to start the project (Hard Cap) and what amount of BUR will be traded on the open market?
    The Hard cap is $18 000 000, 90% of the tokens will be traded on the open market.
  • What is the fixed price of Papa Carlo miner if purchased in BUR tokens?
    The fixed cost is $ 1750 per miner Papa Carlo. In case of the growth of BUR, the price of miner is recalculated in accordance with current BUR rate.
  • Which stock exchanges are listing BUR?
    EtherDelta, IDEX, HitBtc, Tidex, Cucoin, Livecoin, GetBTC, Binance are in negotiation process.
  • When is it planned to enter the stock exchange?
    The estimated time of implementation is February, 2019. For time clarification please follow the information on the website and social networks Buratino Blockchain Solutions.
  • With what coins can I buy BUR tokens?
    The full list of coins accepted for purchase is available in your account.
  • I did not recieve an activation email. What should I do?
    Check “spam” or "other mailings" section in your mailbox. Usually, the activation email comes within a few minutes, but there may be delays due to the overload of mail servers. If you do not recieve an email in 24 hours, please contact us through Telegram channel.
  • What is the duration of Tokensale?
    Tokensale is planned to last from August, 1st, 2018 till January, 31, 2019. For duration clarification please check the information on our web-site
  • What is the minimum deposit amount?
    For Pre-sale it is $500, for the main stage - $10.
  • What are the factors of BUR growth?
    - After the Tokensale is certified, the token will be traded on crypto-currency exchanges such as HitBTC, EtherDelta and others.
    - Token is backed by real goods - Papa Carlo miners and Trezor mini hardware wallets.
    - You can buy Papa Carlo miner for tokens at a fixed cost below retail.
    - 1/3 of BUR tokens received for Papa Carlo miners will be burnt that will raise the BUR/$ rate
    - There will be no additional issue of tokens.
  • What will happen if the token market price falls below the Tokensale starting rate?
    Any time you will be to exchange your tokens for Papa Carlo miner at the rate of 17500 BUR per one miner.
  • What will happen with unsold BUR tokens?
    The remaining tokens will be destroyed - "burnt".
  • How, when and where can I exchange tokens?
    Within 14 days BUR tokens will be transferred to your ERC20 wallet specified in the personal account, in the Tokensale termination field.
  • How, when ans where will I receive tokens for Bounty campaign?
    Distribution of Bounty reward tokens will happen in 2 weeks after the end of main Tokensale step. Rewarding will be done to the ERC20 wallet stated by you.
  • What wallets support ERC20?
    We recommend to use
  • What is the address of the smart contract?
  • Do you have referral bonuses?
    Yes, we have referral program. You can participate in it by registering on our web-site. After registration you will be provided with a referral link you may use to get bonuses.
  • Can you explain the rules of your referral program?
    You need to register on our web-site and afterwards you will have your own referral link. You may share it with anyone and everyone coming via your link to register and buying tokens will bring you 5% bonus!
  • Who I may adress with partnership proposal?
    You can contact our coordinator via [email protected] We are open for partnership.
  • I still have a question. Who I may address it to?
    Regarding any questions you may have about tokens or any other matters you may contact us via e-mail [email protected] or telegram channel.

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